Avalanche Automation | CRM Only
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CRM Only 

Everyone has to start somewhere. Whilst we would love to work with you on our automation packages, we understand that some businesses are not yet able to invest in outsourced support.

To cater for this, we have developed packages that are CRM only and will give you access to all of the premium features you need to make your business a success. 

Increasing Your Profitability By 61%?

By using the technology available to you in your CRM, you are able to save time and increase efficiency in your business, therefore, increasing your margins. By having lest cost attached to the sales cycle and after sale care, we are able to increase the profitability of your business. The graphic below demonstrates the results of our automation packages on your lead generation, conversion rate, average pound sale, average number of transactions and profit margins. By increasing each of those by 10%, you will see an overall increase of 61% in your profits thanks to the compounding effect! 


Lead Generation

No. Of Leads = 4,000

No. Of leads = 4,400 (10% Increase)

Avalanche’s Automation Packages can increase your lead generation. From initial contact, through to nurturing and honing a relevant list of prospects, our targeted, automated marketing can save you time and can hit higher volumes without burning leads.


Conversion Rate

Average Conversion Rate = 25%

Average Conversion Rate = 27.5%

We use the latest technology through our partners Leadformly and Active Campaign to increase your conversion rates of website visitors to inbound enquires or customers. 


Average Sale

Average Sale = $100

Average Sale = $110

Thanks to our CRM system being completely customisable, you can select what data you need to capture about your customers. The more you know about them, the more you can align your marketing and product selections to increase the amount they spend with you. 


Average No. Transactions

Average No. Of Transactions = 2

Average No. Of Transactions = 2.2

Our automated software allows us to build targeted marketing campaigns that are automatically sent to your customers, promoting up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for your brand. 


Profit Margins

Profit Margins = 25%

Profit Margins = 27.5%

Our Packages will save you massive amounts of time in man power by automating keep aspects of your business; such as marketing, communication and key business processes. Imagine the time and money you could save and what it would do to your margins! 


Without Our Automation Packages

With Our Automation Package And A 10% Increase

Profits = $50,000

Profits = $80,525.50

Pricing Plans

Our prices have been built with return on investment in mind. All packages have clear elements that are proven to increase your lead generation, conversion rate, average $ sale, average number of transactions and your margins.

  • CRM only
  • $89.95/ Monthly
    • Premium CRM logins
    • Set up of users
    • Set up of contact lists
    • Link of current data capture points
    • Walkthrough session (30 Minutes)
    • Up to 1000 contacts
    • $40 per month per 1000 contacts thereon

  • Training
  • $600/ One time
    • 4 X Training Sessions
    • Session 1 – The system
    • Session 2 – Automation
    • Session 3 – Calls to action
    • Session 4 – Operations
    • Plus all of CRM Set up ($89.95 monthly)

Want reminding every month to follow up with prospects?

Our team will email you every month with key follow up tips and a reminder to follow up with all of your prospects. 

Just input your email below and begin taking control of your follow ups.